• Lula certainly doesn't look anything like wolf but occasionally feels like on as finds himself howling at the full moon. The mountaintop has the double task of protecting the food and preventing "Lula" from eating all day. Design:Miriam Mirri.

  • Jar for pet food in glass with lid in thermoplastic resin. Design: Miriam Mirri, 2010 for Alessi, Italy.

  • This large bowl with stainless steel insert is suitable for large dogs or for small dogs with a hearty appetite for both kibble and design. Design: Miriam Mirri for Alessi, Italy.

  • Cat Bowl with lid in thermoplastic resin and removable stainless steel bowl. Design: Miriam Mirri 2010 for Alessi, Italy.

  • An object dedicated to the world of pets, designed by Miriam Mirri, with the usual recreational, emotional feature.

  • Tigrito cat bowl, part of the A Di Alessi range, not only looks playfully adorable but will add a touch of feline style to any cat lover's kitchen - and who says the family cat shouldn't eat in style! Design: Mirriam Mirri 2005 for Alessi, Italy.