• Trivet is an ideal kitchen necessity. In a nice stainless steel, this trivet is perfect for those hot dishes. The unique design makes this trivet very appealing and one of a kind! Design: Marta Sansoni, 2005 for Alessi.

  • Can hold anything from a coffee maker to a large saucepan and frying pan. The waves have the key function of reducing the contact area between the hot part of the container and the trivet. Design: Clotet Llus, 2009 for Alessi, Italy.

  • Flexible trivet is crafted of stainless steel and resembles a school of fish when opened for use.

  • This trivet, which at first sight may seem like an item of jewelery, devised to dangle from a kitchen hook, it can be taken down and thrown like dice onto a dining table. Design: Gabriel Chiave, 2007 for Alessi, Italy.

  • Trivet with movable pieces in chrome-plated zamak with PVD coating, Golden Pink.

  • The Menu Propeller Trivet helps protect your kitchen surfaces from hot pans and plates. Trivet folds for easy storage and is available in many eye catching colors. Design: Jakob Wagner for Menu, Denmark.

  • You know the expression to put your hand on your heart? It means to tell the truth. So you can believe me when I say I'll lend a hand in protecting your table from hot pans and dishes. I'll always be on hand, at the heart of your kitchen.