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$0.00 - $99.99 Kettles & Teapots

  • Kettle from Menu is a traditional teapot in a modern design and a tribute to the pleasant and relaxing act of drinking tea. The design from Kettle was coined by Norm Architects.

  • Loft by Thomas is a modern, clean range featuring a fine textured finish created by the concentric circle design. This coffee combi pot with a lid would be a superb addition to your home.

  • The Alessi Michael Graves Limited Edition Brass Metallic Bird & Dragon Whistles are a set of limited edition whistles for the iconic Michael Graves Tea Kettle design. Only 9,999 sets were produced and include the original molded PA bird design and the 30th Anniversary molded PA dragon design in a special brass-metallic finish.

  • Both versions of the kettle come with the original black ball-grip for the lid, with the words “Tea Rex 9093 30th anniversary” engraved around it. The graphics of the 30th anniversary packaging are also special with the icon of the new whistle set in contrast to that of the original project.